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‘The Killing Joke’ Re-Enacted

October 28, 2011 Leave a comment


The Killing Joke spoofed in South Park!


South park’s second latest episode, titled 201 did a small section that was from The Killing Joke, one of the major comics in Batman history! I have no idea where this came from, maybe the creators are fans of Batman too or they just had nothing else to come up with, but it is definitely a pleasant surprise! And i’m a fan of both soooooo… WOO HOO.

Oh watch 201 HERE.

Here are some of the screen shots, taken from Bat-blog.

Normally after an episode airs on television in the States, they will put it up on However, this episode, 201, will most probably not air due to religious reasons, because Prophet Muhamed is mentioned in it -.- and it is said that producers may be in quite a bit of trouble. so just click on the link i gave on top to watch it.

It’s quite amusing how religions get so anal about things.