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Japan to release a coloured Batman statue for Arkham City’s Collectors’ Edition

Just like always, Japan has to have the most special of common things. And in this case, they will be receiving a coloured version of the Batman statue for the Collector’s Edition of Arkham City.


This launches in November for Japan, a month later than the rest of the world. They say the statues are more or less the same, only coloured. But who are they kidding? The coloured version is so much more detailed! Especially the cape! Curses!!!!!

This song’s talking about you Japan.


Bringing Fatman to a whole new literal sense

DC Direct just announced the latest entry in their Batman Black & White state series, the limited edition Sergio Aragones Batman.

This gentle fatty is designed in the iconic Mad Magazine style that is Aragones’ and Aragones’ alone. The actual sculpting work was done by Jim Shoop.

The statue, done in cold-cast porcelain (don’t drop it, dude) is about 6.5″ high, 7.5″ wide, and 4.” inches thick. It’ll cost you $90 when it goes on sale January 18, 2012, but isn’t it worth it to have a Batman around who makes you feel like you could fight crime, too?

Is it me or does this resemble Homer Simpsons?

And since we are at the topic of fat bat men, I couldn’t resist not posting these two pictures.

Dear Harley Quinzel

September 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Just released on DC Direct is a Harlequinn statue with amazing detail and very good quality. check out her facial expression.

Beautiful!! ❤

Dick Grayson as Batman’s Statue by Tony Daniels

Picture taken from geek blips.

Picture taken from Bat-Blog.

according to bat blog, this version of Batman statue is more acrobatic and looks like he’s dancing because this is Dick Grayson’s version of the Batman. As Grayson comes from a family in the circus, and plus his fighting style as Nightwing, it only makes sense for him to be as acrobatic for him as Batman.

Under the hood DVD release

Cover art and statue by DC Direct

[pictures from bat-blog]

Sculpted by Derek Miller and only has 1000 piece. I’m not even sure if Singapore will have it or not, and even if we do have it, it will probably be only 1-3 pieces imported here i think. DC Direct will release both the DVD and product tie-in of the statue on the 7th of July 2010!

I HOPEEEEEEEEE it reaches here around 20th July this year, so if i really do get a Batman cake, someone can get me the dvd release of my favourite comic episode, and maybe i have cash to get the statue of the Red Hood, then maybeeeee Marco comes to singapore – OMG THIS BIRTHDAY WOULD BE PERFECT ALMOST!

Anyway, visit the official site for the DVD: Batman: Under The Hood.

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