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Dark Knight Rises’ Unicorn

As pointed out by my friend Wobbles. hahahaha!



Fan made film on The Dark Knight

Blogging from my iphone so not sure if that link is auto embedded into a hyperlink. It’s a fan made film by friends of Nerdgasm Central from twitter. (yes i am on twitter now and really new to it. Almost retarded actually. Add me, or should i say follow me, at galagalaxior!)

I love the fight scenes. Especially 11:55 of the film. I super love that fight scene, the slow-mo part, i’m not sure if it’s supposed to look like the fight scenes from Arkham Asylum, but it does! *thumbs up*

Also the play with the time line in the film is really interesting. If anyone noticed, the start of the film is something like the game trailer of Dead Island.

I wouldnt recommend watching it from your phone though. Cause i did that and frankly, it lessens the experience. Im just finding it troublesome to go to my laptop so i watched it on my phone, and here i am blogging from my phone too.

So all in all, click on it and watch! If its not a hyperlink i apologize and please copy and paste into your browser, its worth it. Especially the 11:55 part of the fighting. :p

Thanks Nerdgasm Central!!

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Interview with Gary Oldman on The Dark Knight Rises

Rebooting Batman and Superman AGAIN in upcoming Justice League movie. Seriously?

So, DC Entertainment apparently is planning a Justice League movie – and it’ll apparently feature versions of both Batman and Superman than are appearing in their own movies. Clearly, DC and Warner Bros are looking forward to seeing how quickly they can screw up their superhero franchises.

There are countless reasons why the idea of recasting not just Batman but Superman in any Justice League movie – never mind one that may be coming out just a year after the in-pre-productionSuperman reboot that Zack Snyder is currently working on – is a bad one, not least of which is that it’s going to be confusing to audiences (“Wasn’t some other guy Superman last year?”). But more than that, it’s entirely unnecessary. Yes, I get that both Christian Bale and Henry Cavill may be too expensive by that point for what are likely to be, essentially, cameos in a movie dominated by other characters and actors, and so from that point, recasting makes a lot of sense. But… why do Superman and Batman even need to appear in the movie?

Follow my logic: For the majority of the Justice League’s early years, both Superman and Batman were small presences in the story, probably following on from the similar role they played in theJustice Society stories of the 1940s and ’50s. Although they are featured in the origin of the team, they’re barely there, getting what amounts to a “And all of this happened off-panel” treatment compared with the full adventures of Aquaman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Flash and Martian Manhunter in the same story. Although they are occasionally treated as the core of the team – Hi, Brad Meltzer! – there’s actually little reason beyond name recognition that either character actually has to be in the movie.

Ah, you say, but isn’t name recognition enough? Well… yes and no. Presumably, Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern will be appearing in this movie, and he could really be enough of an anchor for most fans to want to see the movie (To put it in some perspective; Thor and Captain America: The First Avengers aren’t out yet, but non-comic fans are still excited about The Avengers based solely on the example of the Iron Man movies). Batman, as movie audiences have gotten used to him, wouldn’t even fit into the fantastic world of the Justice League, and Superman’s power set could cause more problems than solutions when it comes to setting up a credible threat for the League to bring to Justice, so it arguably makes more sense not to include them.

(Using Wonder Woman, should her TV show be a hit, may cause similar problems. Do you bring Adrienne Palicki into the movie, and officially out that show into the movie continuity? And if so, what does that do to close down the scale of the show’s plans?)

That said, name recognition isn’t something to be sneezed at, and I’m sure the chance for DC and WB to play up the Superman and Batman brands – even as they undermine them with confusion over who plays those characters at any given time – will be too much to refuse. But, still. I can’t help but feel that letting Superman and Batman join the Justice League will lead to the kind of disaster that the studio would need a superhero to save them from.


This article says it all.

Joseph Gordon Levitt’s role in Dark Knight Rises

Remember the villain Carmine Falcone in Batman Begins? Joseph Levitt will be playing his son, Alberto Falcone in this upcoming Dark Knight movie. Can’t say anyone else suits the role better than him.

Justice League movie to be out in 2013

Remember how a Justice League movie was supposed to be out, and then it got cancelled, and guess what? It’s on again according to this guy.


DC Movie Updates—Batman #4 and A Justice League Movie?
    The line-up would more-than-likely get paired down.

The line-up would more-than-likely get paired down.

Warner Bros. movie exec. Jeff Robinov dropped a few little-but-big bombs  in a recent profile that the LA Times did on him. The one that’s more of a given concerns a fourth Batman movie, of which plans are apparently already in motion for (pending a discussion with Christopher Nolan.) Nobody should really be shocked by this  —DARK KNIGHT made waaaaaaaaay too much money for the puck to stop any time soon  — but I guess the real question is over how much involvement monsieur Nolan will have. Supposedly, he’ll be producing, but it’s otherwise being talked about as a reboot…and I think people ought to chill about that. I don’t think they’re going to be telling the origin over againafter the whole escalation game runs its course. It’ll probably be a reboot to the effect thatBATMAN FOREVER was a reboot.

The other tidbit concerned a JUSTICE LEAGUEmovie, which is apparently on track after thatMORTAL movie was unfortunately cancelled a couple years ago. That would seem to say that things have changed since Diane Nelson apparently ruled out a JLA movie last year. My sense is that the team movie would be treated as its own entity, in its own universe, without any direct ties to the solo flicks  — even if the same characters are featured. If mainstream fans were able to accept that the new movie Batman’s similar-but-distinct to the old movie Batman, I don’t see it being that hard to reconcile this kind of variation. And lord knows how long comic fans have gotten used to concurrent realities and continuities…