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‘The Killing Joke’ Re-Enacted

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Check list for DC’s New 52

This is the checklist for the new issues of #1s taken from:
This September marks a turning point in the publishing history of DC Comics, who will launch or in many cases relaunch no fewer than 52 titles from issue #1, including such venerable institutions like Action Comics and Detective Comics. Called “The New 52,” the initiative is a daring effort to attract new and lapsed readers to DC Comics’ iconic characters, nearly all of whom have been retooled and redesigned (some radically so) in a manner the publisher hopes will be more palatable for a 21st century audience.

The “New 52” begins August 31 with the same-day-digital release of Justice League #1 by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, which can be purchased at comic book stores everywhere. Below you will find a convenient on-sale checklist graphic as well as a copy-and-paste-ready version to help navigate what fans are calling the DCnÜ.

And a printable version we edited for you, because we ❤ you

August 31
Justice League #1

September 7
Action Comics #1
Animal Man #1
Batgirl #1
Batwing #1
Detective Comics #1
Green Arrow #1
Hawk and Dove #1
Justice League International #1
Men of War #1
O.M.A.C. #1
Static Shock #1
Stormwatch #1
Swamp Thing #1

September 14
Batman and Robin #1
Batwoman #1
Deathstroke #1
Demon Knights #1
Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #1
Green Lantern #1
Grifter #1
Legion Lost #1
Mister Terrific #1
Red Lanterns #1
Resurrection Man #1
Suicide Squad #1
Superboy #1

September 21
Batman #1
Birds of Prey #1
Blue Beetle #1
Captain Atom #1
Catwoman #1
DC Universe Presents #1
Green Lantern Corps #1
Legion of Super-Heroes #1
Nightwing #1
Red Hood and the Outlaws #1
Supergirl #1
Wonder Woman #1

September 28
All Star Western #1
Aquaman #1
Batman: The Dark Knight #1
Blackhawks #1
The Flash #1
The Fury of Firestorm #1
Green Lantern: New Guardians #1
I, Vampire #1
Justice League Dark #1
The Savage Hawkman #1
Superman #1
Teen Titans #1
Voodoo #1

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Concept art of Solomon Grundy

Hello! it’s been quite a while I realized, and while nothing has been going on here, lots have been going on in the Nolan’s Batman universe, e.g. The Cat suit.

However this post is about Arkham City’s new character concept art: Solomon Grundy! Poor Solomon Grundy. At least now he gets a little of the lime light for once!

He looks too much of a zombie in my opinion. I was kinda expecting Grundy in the comic world look.

Speaking of Arkham City, there is also a limited collectors’ edition release of the game.

The contents are as follows…

The CE includes a Batman statue by Kotobukiya, an artbook, a downloadable soundtrack, early access to the “Iceberg Lounge Challenge Map” and a Dark Knight Returns-style skin, and a copy of the Batman: Gotham Knight animated movie.

Godamn Flashpoint suspense

Just read the top ten myths of Flashpoint from twitter and i must say there’s just TOO many story arcs to wanna follow!!! I hate suspense!! Just gimme all the stories NOW!!!! (>_<) it will be another 28472613748492716 years before the graphic novels come out. Boo hoo.

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Best Fridge Ever

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Batman and mortality

It’s a new batman storyline that addresses issues of mortality, especially since Batman is human after all and people forget the fact that he can actually die. Well, he did die once. But i am refering to a physical death like all human beings.
Not much details on that story yet but worth keeping a lookout on.