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‘The Killing Joke’ Re-Enacted

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Japan to release a coloured Batman statue for Arkham City’s Collectors’ Edition

Just like always, Japan has to have the most special of common things. And in this case, they will be receiving a coloured version of the Batman statue for the Collector’s Edition of Arkham City.


This launches in November for Japan, a month later than the rest of the world. They say the statues are more or less the same, only coloured. But who are they kidding? The coloured version is so much more detailed! Especially the cape! Curses!!!!!

This song’s talking about you Japan.

Concept art of Solomon Grundy

Hello! it’s been quite a while I realized, and while nothing has been going on here, lots have been going on in the Nolan’s Batman universe, e.g. The Cat suit.

However this post is about Arkham City’s new character concept art: Solomon Grundy! Poor Solomon Grundy. At least now he gets a little of the lime light for once!

He looks too much of a zombie in my opinion. I was kinda expecting Grundy in the comic world look.

Speaking of Arkham City, there is also a limited collectors’ edition release of the game.

The contents are as follows…

The CE includes a Batman statue by Kotobukiya, an artbook, a downloadable soundtrack, early access to the “Iceberg Lounge Challenge Map” and a Dark Knight Returns-style skin, and a copy of the Batman: Gotham Knight animated movie.

Dark Knight Rises’ Unicorn

As pointed out by my friend Wobbles. hahahaha!


Godamn Flashpoint suspense

Just read the top ten myths of Flashpoint from twitter and i must say there’s just TOO many story arcs to wanna follow!!! I hate suspense!! Just gimme all the stories NOW!!!! (>_<) it will be another 28472613748492716 years before the graphic novels come out. Boo hoo.

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This is the batman fan made film I mentioned previously! I’m sorry that link i pasted previously was a dead link. I’m really new to twitter and kinda retarded how it works and all that links stuff. Okay, maybe i’m just bad at technology. SIGH! So enjoy this video now for real! It’s done by the guys from here!

Fan made film on The Dark Knight

Blogging from my iphone so not sure if that link is auto embedded into a hyperlink. It’s a fan made film by friends of Nerdgasm Central from twitter. (yes i am on twitter now and really new to it. Almost retarded actually. Add me, or should i say follow me, at galagalaxior!)

I love the fight scenes. Especially 11:55 of the film. I super love that fight scene, the slow-mo part, i’m not sure if it’s supposed to look like the fight scenes from Arkham Asylum, but it does! *thumbs up*

Also the play with the time line in the film is really interesting. If anyone noticed, the start of the film is something like the game trailer of Dead Island.

I wouldnt recommend watching it from your phone though. Cause i did that and frankly, it lessens the experience. Im just finding it troublesome to go to my laptop so i watched it on my phone, and here i am blogging from my phone too.

So all in all, click on it and watch! If its not a hyperlink i apologize and please copy and paste into your browser, its worth it. Especially the 11:55 part of the fighting. :p

Thanks Nerdgasm Central!!

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