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Fan made film on The Dark Knight


Blogging from my iphone so not sure if that link is auto embedded into a hyperlink. It’s a fan made film by friends of Nerdgasm Central from twitter. (yes i am on twitter now and really new to it. Almost retarded actually. Add me, or should i say follow me, at galagalaxior!)

I love the fight scenes. Especially 11:55 of the film. I super love that fight scene, the slow-mo part, i’m not sure if it’s supposed to look like the fight scenes from Arkham Asylum, but it does! *thumbs up*

Also the play with the time line in the film is really interesting. If anyone noticed, the start of the film is something like the game trailer of Dead Island.

I wouldnt recommend watching it from your phone though. Cause i did that and frankly, it lessens the experience. Im just finding it troublesome to go to my laptop so i watched it on my phone, and here i am blogging from my phone too.

So all in all, click on it and watch! If its not a hyperlink i apologize and please copy and paste into your browser, its worth it. Especially the 11:55 part of the fighting. :p

Thanks Nerdgasm Central!!

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