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Closer look in Gotham Imposter game

Not much information out there about this game, but from the only promo picture released and based on reviews of the game, it seems that the art direction for this game would be along the lines of Brink and Team Fortress where there will be many players on each team (Batman and Joker’s respectively).

Definitely looks something fun and not too heavy. I think this would be a refreshing change to the world of Gotham city. My eyes are kinda set on it already! And also, for the anal retentive fans of Batman here, read this excerpt.

Now gamers who balked at the idea of the Batman wielding a gun will understand that these ‘impostors’ are not sidekicks to the Dark Knight, but merely idolizing caricatures that are battling their Joker-ized enemies. From the look at the art there also appears to be an equal blend of melee and range combat options, which suggests that combat might not just be relegated to the first person shooter genre.

So get over it you anal retentive fan boys!

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