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Justice League movie to be out in 2013

Remember how a Justice League movie was supposed to be out, and then it got cancelled, and guess what? It’s on again according to this guy.


DC Movie Updates—Batman #4 and A Justice League Movie?
    The line-up would more-than-likely get paired down.

The line-up would more-than-likely get paired down.

Warner Bros. movie exec. Jeff Robinov dropped a few little-but-big bombs  in a recent profile that the LA Times did on him. The one that’s more of a given concerns a fourth Batman movie, of which plans are apparently already in motion for (pending a discussion with Christopher Nolan.) Nobody should really be shocked by this  —DARK KNIGHT made waaaaaaaaay too much money for the puck to stop any time soon  — but I guess the real question is over how much involvement monsieur Nolan will have. Supposedly, he’ll be producing, but it’s otherwise being talked about as a reboot…and I think people ought to chill about that. I don’t think they’re going to be telling the origin over againafter the whole escalation game runs its course. It’ll probably be a reboot to the effect thatBATMAN FOREVER was a reboot.

The other tidbit concerned a JUSTICE LEAGUEmovie, which is apparently on track after thatMORTAL movie was unfortunately cancelled a couple years ago. That would seem to say that things have changed since Diane Nelson apparently ruled out a JLA movie last year. My sense is that the team movie would be treated as its own entity, in its own universe, without any direct ties to the solo flicks  — even if the same characters are featured. If mainstream fans were able to accept that the new movie Batman’s similar-but-distinct to the old movie Batman, I don’t see it being that hard to reconcile this kind of variation. And lord knows how long comic fans have gotten used to concurrent realities and continuities…


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