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Wonder Woman TV series, actress confirmed

It’s Official: Adrianne Palicki is Wonder Woman
 I'm sure they'll dye her hair. Relax.

I’m sure they’ll dye her hair. Relax.

By virtue of all the aborted attempts to bringWonder Woman back on screen, the casting race for Princess Diana has certainly felt like the longest one ever for a comics character. Seriously, I remember these talks going on whenI was in a freshman in high school. The long list of potential actresses has included the likes of Sandra BullockCharisma CarpenterMegan Fox and even Beyonce, yet here comesAdrianne Palicki to claim the golden lasso and the bulletproof bracelets from out of the blue – – and she takes the iconic part pretty decisively.Deadline says she was the only actress to screen test for this lead role in David E. Kelly’s unorthodox small screen re-imagining. Palicki will effectively be playing three roles as the famous Amazon divides her time between crime fighting, corporate management and ab inauspicious civilian life.

I’ve never seen Ms. Palicki in anything , but she’s coming off a well-received turn on the cancelled show LONE STAR and she’ll next be seen in theRED DAWN remake (whenever it comes out.) Ironically, this isn’t actually her first experience with DC characters. She appeared as Siren in the WB’s AQUAMAN pilot (which wasn’t continued, but is actually available for download on iTunes, now.)

After years and years of speculation, do you Comic Vine maniacs approve? Is Ms. Palicki fit to bear the tiara?

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