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Scott Snyder set to write an all-new Batman mini series

Current Detective Comics scribe and co-creator of American Vampire, Scott Snyder, is on board to tackle an all-newBatman mini-series, titled Batman: Gates of Gotham. Gates of Gotham will be co-written by Kyle Higgins and drawn by Trevor McCarthy.

The six issue series focuses on the history of Gotham, including some of the intriguing elements that were introduced in Grant Morrison’s recent Return of Bruce Wayne. Joining Batman for a mystery story through Gotham are an A-list team of detectives that includes Owlman, I-Ching, and Red Robin, among others. Together they unravel the secrets of the city and how it relates to some of the most famous Gotham families, like the Waynes, Elliotts, and Kanes.

DC promises that Batman: Gates of Gotham spins out of current events in the Batman line of books and will set the stage for many things to come. Gates of Gotham #1 releases May 25.



Scott snyder is a very good writer, and his contribution to batman’s detective comics were amazingly good with a different style. Read American Vampire if you wanna know his writing style. But i can’t wait for his works for this mini series to be out!

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