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Graphic novel worth mentioning: Daytripper

The whole story concept is almost something like an obituary. The main character doesn’t really live his life to tell his story, but rather, he dies (over and over) to depict the presence of life. Isn’t it just beautiful and ironic that in order to describe life as close as possible, you have to create a character that keeps dying in order for him to tell a story? it almost feels like your life and story is not completed until you’ve completed the whole journey, and your mission when you were alive was to find some way to record or document it so it could tell its own story.

What this graphic novel does is it celebrates and tries to personify the beauty of life into words; something which is extremely rarely done nowadays. It doesn’t focus on the mundane events that happens in daily life, as all of us experience it first hand all the time. This story is about possibilities and every ‘what ifs’ from the viewpoint of the main character.

I personally really like the sound of this graphic novel and will read it and post a review on it after, so check back here if you’re interested.

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