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Mash up for Valentine’s day


Luke, I am your father. Just kidding, he and your mother were shot in a robbery!

Ever wonder what a Batman/Ewok lovechild would look like? F*** you’re a freak.Seriously, it might not hurt to peep Amazon for some self-help books on that shit.You krinkier than a tauntaun stomach full of lightsaber dildos aside, this is a sketch by Lucas Lago depicting your wildest fantasies. Note: slightly larger version HEREin case you want to print it out and tape it inside a copy of National Geographic for some “bathroom reading”. Grab an extra roll of TP and go to town, champ!

Lucas’ Website
Batman X Star Wars [laughingsquid]

Thanks to cocoa, who promised to draw me some GW/dino lovechildren for Valentine’s. GIRL YOU SO GOOD TO ME.

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