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Wonder Woman Teams up with MAC cosmetics

Between losing her iconic red, white and blue stripes as well as her identity in her recent ongoing series, for a while there it felt likeWonder Woman simply could not catch a break. Lately though, particularly in the recent weeks, it seems that things have been looking up for the co-founder of the Justice League of America. With the announcement that NBC would be taking a chance on Diana and giving Wonder Woman her very own television series, a new writer (Phil Hester) taking the reigns of her ongoing book, things could not possibly get better, right? Well, brace yourselves- especially you, ladies- because Wonder Woman is getting her very own make-up line.

What? Make-up and Wonder Woman? It’s like the Gods have been listening in on my prayers or something! Oh, and it’s not just ANY make-up, it’s MAC make-up- the professional grade stuff sold exclusively at MAC stores. Now, instead of purchasing the ordinary, boring lipstick, mascara and compact foundation; you can purchase make-up inspired by the iconic comic book character.

To promote the new make-up line, MAC has opened a store in New York City specifically designed and dedicated to selling the new product. MAC even used comic artist Mike Allred‘s (MadmanI, Zombie) art to promote the product in both their website and the store’s new redesign, and I have to say, it’s pretty gorgeous. The coolest thing about this new store is the fact that MAC is not only putting the iconic character on display through the make-up- but also her comics! This is kind of a big deal. The store proudly displays a very grand collection of Wonder Woman in comics through the years- as far back as her first appearance in 1942. This could be a fantastic way to promote and expose the super-heroine to girls and women who may not normally head to a comic store, but might be more inclined to pick up the latest issue of Wonder Woman in the make-up isle.

We caught up with artist Mike Allred to talk to him about his work on the cool store, and to find out  what it was like for him to draw the iconic DC Comics character.

Comic Vine: How did you get involved with MAC to design Wonder Woman for their new product?
Mike Allred: I was contacted by DC comics.  They felt I was the Man to give MAC what they wanted. 

CV: I noticed the theme for the redesigned website is that Medusa has changed all girls into “Plain Jane’s” and that Wonder Woman must save the day, it’s pretty clever. What was it like working on the design, and who came up with the clever premise?
MA: It was a series of back and forths between myself, my DC contact and the art director for MAC.

CV: There’s a lot of pretty animation on the new MAC site, did you help animate your art for the site as well?
MA: Nope.  I haven’t even seen it yet.  I’ll check it out right now.

CV: Your wife Laura is one of the best colorists in the business. Did she bring colors to this particular project?
MA: She sure did.

CV: Have you visited the new MAC store in New York City that has been completely remodeled using your art?
MA: No! I keep hearing from a lot of excited people, but I guess I should pay more attention to what is going on.

CV: What are you currently working on now that you are really excited about?
MA: Several things.  I’m having a blast working on my monthly title, I, ZOMBIE, for DC/Vertigo, which I co-created with Chris Roberson and editor Shelly Bond.  And a few MADMAN special projects:  MADMAN: Atomica!, which is a 1000 plus page over-sized collection of all things Atomic and MADMAN Atomic Comics.  Then there is The MADMAN Giant-Size Super Ginchy Special! which will be out in April.  It’s an all-new special with a big epic tory from me, and nifty back ups from Emi Lenox, Matt Kindt, and Tonci Zonjic. Plus a lot of new pin-ups by some other great artists. Then next year is Madman’s 20th anniversary, so before the end of this year we’ll release The MADMAN 20th Anniversary Monster! to kick off the celebration. This will be 11 x 17 similar to the Wednesday Comics collection (which included my Metamorpho story I did with Neil Gaiman). It will also have a big new story from yours truly and then 20 Madman strips from 20 of the best artists in the biz including all three Hernandez Brothers of Love and Rockets fame.  I wouldn’t even be doing comics if it wasn’t for them.  We’re also hoping to collect every Madman pin-up from over the years which is close to 200 at this point.


The store has been redesigned and is currently selling the product in the New York City MAC store located on 113 Spring Street in SoHo courtesy of RACKED. Meanwhile, the rest of us will just have to wait until February 10th when the product is officially released to a MAC store near you.  Thanks to DC Women Kicking Ass for the heads up on the story!

An article from Comic Vine. Hmm.. I don’t really know how i feel about that.. It’s cool that they have Wonder Woman designs on these cosmetics, but then it feels wrong about the underlying notion and message this is sending. I don’t think i’m sold on this idea very much.

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