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Edith’s works

Hitch Hiker: Oh wow! You’re going to London? I knew this was my lucky day, man! This is some car. It must have cost like, the national debt of Brazil or something huh?

King Mob: Not really. If you want something just take it. That’s what I always say. London it is.

Hitch Hiker: I’ve been hitching all over Europe. Been talking to a lot of people and piecing shit together, you know what I’m saying? What it’s all about is, I think there’s a war on, man. I know there is.

King Mob: War? What kind of war?

Hitch Hiker: A mind war. It’s like the U.S. army have these UFOs, man, but they’re not physical, you know? They’re like negative psychic energy and they’re got totally psychic pilots. They train these freakos in New Mexico. You sure you don’t want some of these? *hands a joint*

King Mob: I’m fine. Tell me more about the UFOs.

Hitch Hiker: It’s all about control. They got the tech from the Roswell crash, which was like a psychic crash; pure information downloading from another dimension. Did you ever have a dream where, like, you get real thirsty and you’re, like, drinking a coke? Or maybe you’re hungry and you got a McDonald’s in your hand? That’s product placement, man. The big companies are paying the government to use the UFOs to project advertising directly into our dreams. Product placement.

We gotta access this other dimension, right? We gotta do it soon, ’cause it’s our only escape route from what’s coming down. That’s why they’re trying to control the internet, man; it’s one of the ways through. Everything’s trying just trying to evolve, man. We’re trying to evolve out of the physical plane and the rocks, which are physically denser than we are, are trying to evolve into our shoes. That’s what computers are, man, silicon chips are the leading edge of mineral evolution toward human-type consciousness.

King Mob: You really believe all these stuff, don’t you?

Hitch Hiker: Sure. I guess you like cookies huh? *holding a packet of opened cookies*

King Mob: Yeah. Give us one over, will you? Nothing like a biscuit to bring you back down to earth.

Hitch Hiker: Thanks for the ride, man. It’s been good talking to you. Watch out for those UFOs, y’hear?

King Mob: You take care.. ah.. I didn’t catch your name..

Hitch Hiker: *out of the car* No sir.. Guess you didn’t.

King Mob looks at his rear mirror and see a red robed figure walking away.

King Mob: Ha!

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