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Writer rankings for November 2010

Extracted from IGN, this is the verdict of writers’ ranks.

Writer Power Rankings – November 2010

Which comic book writer impressed us most this month?

US, December 2, 2010


Good news everybody: IGN Comics’ Power Rankings are back again! After two years on hiatus we decided to resurrect everybody’s favorite feature last month, with Grant Morrisontaking the top spot. With November behind us, we’re tasked to find out who impressed us the most this month. Who will it be?!

For those unfamiliar with this monthly column, the Writers Power Rankings will give us here at IGN Comics the chance to speak our minds and tell you which ten writers made the biggest impression with their work over the previous month. Sports fans will be familiar with the idea of the column, as it evokes the same breakdowns that you see weekly from all the major sporting sites on the internet. But, while those sites give you an idea of which teams you should be watching out for, in our case we’re giving you a heads up as to which writers and books you should be following.

Each month we assemble a list of the movers and shakers in the comic-book community. Taking a look beyond just their comic book projects, we will weigh in on outside projects such as television shows and movies when we analyze each creator, giving our opinion as to who’s breaking the mold. Our rankings are influenced by the quality, volume, and importance of each writer’s work, as well as their impact within the comic book community.

For this Ranking, we’re looking at comic books that were released between 11/3 and 11/24. Who did we think put out the best comics in November? Read on to find out.

Last Month:
Notable Books:Action Comics #895,Morning Glories #4, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #1

For those that complain that we “forgot” to add somebody to this list, here are the people that Nick Spencer beat out for the ten spot: Hickman, Fraction, Waid, Aaron, Lemire, Remender, Shanower, Parker, Simone and Pak. That’s one heck of a list to be associated with, and Spencer deserves it. He made his way onto our radar this year due to his work on titles like Shuddertown and Morning Glories. But this month he truly busted onto the comics scene by starting his own DC Comics on-going series, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents. Sure, he’s been padding out Cornell’s Action Comicsissues with Jimmy Olsen backup stories, but T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents is the first mainstream book to fully take advantage of his unique style. We can’t wait to see more from this up-and-coming writer.

Last Month:
Notable Books:Brightest Day #13 & 14,The Flash #6, Green Lantern #59

Out of all the writers that got left off of last month’s list, it was Geoff Johns which you were most vocal about. But don’t think this addition is due to peer pressure, not by a long shot. No, this addition is due to the fact that all of Johns’ books took a turn for the better in November. Green Lantern impressed us after a few months where we were a little cold on the series. The Flashfinished strong with its first arc, “The Dastardly Deaths of the Rogues!” And Brightest Day impressed us quite a bit with this month’s issues – as there seemed to be a clear sense of purpose to the series again. We love Geoff Johns here at IGN, and it is good to see that balancing the majority of DC’s entertainment properties on his shoulders isn’t taking away from his writing.

Last Month: #6
Notable Books:Action Comics #895,Batman and Robin #17, Soldier Zero #2

Last month we mentioned how goodAction Comics‘ Death issue was, but we neglected to mention that he set a sales record for BOOM! Studios with Stan Lee’s Soldier Zero #1. If it’s not obvious by now, Cornell isn’t just a critic favorite, but it seems that the mainstream public is catching on to what we’ve known for a long time: Paul Cornell is one of the best writers in the comics industry. That said, even though we were disappointed that Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason’s Batman and Robin run was delayed, we couldn’t think of anybody that we would rather see take a crack at the caped crusader more than Cornell. Here’s hoping that the next two issues of “The Sum of Her Parts” will be just as good as the strange first issue.

Last Month: #4
Notable Books:Iron Man/Thor #1, The Thanos Imperative #6

Here at IGN we have decided that Marvel’s Cosmic Universe is the best handled portion of any comic company’s mythos; and it’s pretty much all due to Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning’s phenomenal work on title’s such as The Thanos Imperative. When we counted down our favorite current Marvel series a few months back, we gave the comic the number one spot, and now that the miniseries has finished we stand by that decision. Sporting more action, comedy and drama than most series can scrape together in an entire run, we were impressed all the way to the tragic end. And while we enjoy their work onIron Man/Thor, we’re hoping that this isn’t the end for the Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova.

Last Month: #5
Notable Books:Avengers #7, Scarlet#7, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #150

You shouldn’t be surprised to see Bendis on this list. Say whatever you will in the comments, but Brian Michael Bendis is Marvel’s workhorse. Carrying more AAA titles than just about anybody else on this list, we’re actually a little shocked that they are as good as they are. With five major comics which hit the shelves in November (those mentioned above, as well asAvengers Prime #4 and New Avengers #6), and just as many slated on the next three months worth of solicits, we don’t foresee Bendis losing his spot on this list… or the IGN Writer Power Rankings bestowed title of the hardest working man in comics today.

Last Month:
Notable Books:Hawkeye and Mockingbird #6, Return of the Dapper Men

Let’s ignore the fact that he did a tie-in issue for Chaos War and focus on the fact that his criminally under appreciated series Hawkeye and Mockingbirdfinished up. HaM had a Mr. and Mrs. Smith vibe, and was able to stay fun without losing its edge. For that alone McCann deserves a ton of credit. Still, knowing that Widow Maker will continue the story from the series makes the end of this book a little easier to take. But Hawkeye and Mockingbird wasn’t what propelled McCann this high on the list. That honor goes to Return of the Dapper Men. You’ve probably never heard of it, but come award time you’ll see it pop up with nominations everywhere. If you see it on the shelf at your local comic shop, do yourself a service and pick up this incredible graphic novel.

Last Month:
Notable Books:American Vampire #8,Detective Comics #871,

Out of all the up-and-coming stars in the comic book industry, Scott Snyder is the one that looks to have the brightest future. American Vampire has impressed us to no end, and we can’t really think of too many other new series this year that have had us lining up at the comic shop to read a new issue like this one did. After the excellent first storyline wrapped up we questioned if Snyder would be able to keep up the quality on this book, and if issue #8 is any impression “Devil in the Sand” has kept the series at the same high that it started at… kudos. But even more impressive than keeping the quality of American Vampire steady, is his premiere issue of Detective Comics. With help from the talented artist Jock, Snyder has helped to bringDetective Comics back to the quality which Rucka and JH Williams III had it at a year ago. No small feat. If he keeps up the quality on these books you can expect to see his name on this list often in the coming years.

Last Month:
Notable Books:Chaos War #3,Cowboys & Aliens Trailer, Taskmaster#3

One of our favorite writers here at IGN isFred Van Lente. While his name rarely shows up on Marvel’s marquee titles, the series which he contributes to are only made better by his additions. Blending comedy and drama extremely well, he’s known mostly for working on comedic titles like Taskmaster, but with Chaos Warhe and Greg Pak were able to show just how epic their writing can be. If you haven’t seen this god-sized epic miniseries yet, you may want to give it a try.

Another interesting feather in Van Lente’s cap this month (outside of writing six books) is the successful launch of the trailer for the upcoming Cowboys & Aliens. Created by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, the original 2006 graphic novel was written by Van Lente. He is not credited on the film, but this trailer and the upcoming movie will help sell plenty of this entertaining comic.

Last Month: #1
Notable Books:Batman and Robin #16,Batman Incorporated #1, The Return of Bruce Wayne #6

WHAT?!?1?! Grant Morrison is number two?! Yes. Yes he is. If there was ever a sign that this month was a great one for comic book fans this is it. Morrison has made the Batman series his own over the past few years, and all of his writing has culminated to his books released in November. Bruce Wayne is back, and as such we were given two incredible comic book issues in Batman and Robin #16 andThe Return of Bruce Wayne #6. But this month also signaled the beginning of a whole new direction for the character withBatman: The Return and Batman Incorporated. There is plenty of debate in the Batfan community over whether Morrison’s sprawling and intricately odd take on the character is a good thing or not, but we here at IGN can respect the work… even when we’re baffled as to what we’re reading.

Plus, kudos to Morrison for appearing in My Chemical Romance’s “Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)” music video. The video may have debuted in October, but the Danger Days album was released in this month, giving further exposure to Morrison as the antagonist of the post apocalyptic story.

Last Month: #3
Notable Books:The Astounding Wolf-Man #25, Invincible #75, The Walking Dead: “Vatos”

Who else could have unseated Grant Morrison at number one? Jumping from number three to number one is a big step, and he most definitely earned it with his work in November. Firstly, The Walking Deadcontinues to impress its TV audience, and even though Frank Darabont fired the writing staff for the second season, Kirkman’s episode “Vatos” aired this month and upped the zombie violence quota. As for the comic: zombies were reintroduced, making us fear for the crew’s perfect community. But it wasn’t all Walking Dead for Kirkman in November, as he hit landmarks with bothThe Astounding Wolf-Man and InvincibleInvincible continued the bloody Viltrumite War in a double sized issue, whileAstounding Wolf-Man ended at issue #25.

With so much quality work being done in television and comics, it was impossible not to give Robert Kirkman the top spot this month. So from all of us at IGN to Kirkman: Keep up the goodgreat outstanding work.


Robert Kirkman ranks #1??? Yes, The walking dead COMIC BOOK series was good. but in all honesty, I hated his t.v. series. Apart from story plot (we all know how t.v. adaptations tend to be different from books, so it’s not really an issue with me), the acting was TERRIBLE. And plot’s not very strong either. Maybe for people who has never read the comics, or don’t intend to read it and want the fast insight into “comic news” by watching it, will think it’s decent. But because he had a T.v. series doesn’t mean he is a good writer nor does that impress everyone.

Scott Snyder should have been #1 this november 2010 i think.

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