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If you’d understand, it would have been so much easier


Listen, child.

There have been four suns. The first, the sun of Earth, is a world of giants ruled over by Black Tezcatlipoca. With his staff, Quetzalcoatl strikes Tezcatlipoca into the sea. Then up rises Tezcatlipoca from the ocean in the shape of a great jaguar and all of the giants are eaten up by an army of fierce jaguars.

The second sun is the sun of wind. This world is presided over by Quetzalcoatl and is destroyed by Tezcatlipoca who brings great winds which sweep away Quetzalcoatl and his people.

The sun of rain is the third sun, ruled over by Tlaloc, destroyed by a fiery rain sent down by Quetzalcoatl.

And the fourth sun, the sun of water, the sun of Chalchiuhtlicue of the serpent skirt, is drowned under floods, leaving only stillness and darkness.

We live in the fifth sun, known as Nahui Ollin, the sun of motion. In this sun, things will become faster and faster. And this world will end, in its turn, devoured by celestial monsters, very soon.

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