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Festive season

It’s December and it’s the christmas theme going around in most places at this time of the year. I used to be excited about getting and giving gifts, but now, I really don’t think it makes much of a difference. So what if you make someone happy for 10 mins or 10 days, chances are, they will only feel obliged to be nice back to you cause you were nice to them. Sometimes i think obligations doesn’t count, most of the time, i try to think it counts just to make myself feel better.

You know how there’s always this someone who’s whining about how it sucks being nice, and they are sick of being nice cause people don’t appreciate nice people or how “nice guys (and/or girls) finish last”?

Well, first of all, “nice-ness” is subjective. Everyone and anyone can be nice, but that doesn’t mean they are good people. That doesn’t mean that lady who was “nice” to you is a gentle, kind, loving soul. It doesn’t mean that guy who was a little extra “nice” to you is a sweet and thoughtful person. For all you know they may be compulsive wankers (literally) in secret or a stripper (not that strippers are bad people, just the very typical stereotype of strippers. And ironically, i fucking hate those stereotypes. God. i hate most things nowadays.)

And, very often, when you hear someone saying something along the lines of “I’m sick of being nice and not being appreciated”, they don’t fucking realize who they are saying this to. Chances are, that person they are saying that to actually gives a damn to what they think and feel. And there they are, declaring to hereby not be nice to all the people in the world. Isn’t that a huge fucking slap in the face to that person listening?

Argh. Festive seasons are known for its high suicidal rates and increase in depression among the masses. Fuck this shit.

And to make this a typical, good, entertaining post, i shall add interesting interpretations of Batman. Have fun.


and my favourite:

Enjoy yourselves this christmas despite all the cynical thoughts i’ve expressed in this post. Irony – you can never have too much of it.

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