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Crossed Volume 1

Garth Ennis, more known for his works such as The Boys and Preacher, is the writer for this graphic novel. Unfortunately, this book disappointed me quite a fair bit. As much as the illustrations were brutal and harsh, and somewhat intriguing, there was just something not quite right about this book.

What surprises me is how most of the reviews for this comic was that it was extremely violent and “almost painful” to read. I can safely tell you, that is not entirely the case. I mean, sure, some of the pages (maybe less than ten pages out of the entire book?) depicted really violent scenes, but it seems like it was illustrated that way just to shock readers and doesn’t really add to the quality of this comic. I’m not really complaining though, I was interested in seeing those so called “violent depictions”, which really isn’t a lot of. I can understand if this is one of those comics with just plain gore and violence and a somewhat cliche plot, but it isn’t. You could feel that there was some feeble attempt at making this whole loss of humanity shit meaningful and deep.

While it didn’t fail miserably, it certainly did not meet expectations, especially coming from that writer. There was a couple of discrepancies among panels, and one obvious grammar mistake, and to add insult to injury, there was something not quite right with the flow of the panels and composition of the pages.

The underline review of this comic would be a mere “meh”. Probably 2.5 stars out of 5.

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