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Skateboarding Super Bat


Non-fall action!

We all know most products around the world nowadays are manufactured in China. But are you aware of the different knock offs they have for toys? Below are some of the very fake superheroes. Be prepared to be entertained!


Special Man

Battman Console

Super Heroes Justice League

This one got me laughing so hard. If you’ve even briefly read Naruto before, try imagining him and Batman being in the same comic/movie whatever. Not to mention the contrast in the typical anime sized head and Batman’s head.


Bat Knight with neural claws

This would probably be the most decent looking knock off I think. But I’m sure they meant to spell ‘Neural claws’ as ‘Neutral claws’, not that it would make more sense, but yeah.


Justice Heroes

Comes with Batman, Hulk, Spiderman 3 AND the Thing on that dinosaur looking creature that functions as a horse.



Silver Bat


City Nimrods


Super Change Spideys


Fascinating isn’t it?

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