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For those that care

I’m going to answer this question that many people have asked me before: Why do you like Batman so much?

Because Batman is personal. He fights crime and most of the time, he fights his inner demons on a very deep level. He holds many strong beliefs and principles and constantly fights to live by it. Many times in our lives we reach certain crossroads, and there is a choice between choosing the easier way out (even though sometimes it may not be easy at all, just easier) and choosing to act on what you believe in and struggle with it. Batman chooses the latter, so do I. Life has proved to me that by living by that choice, most of the time, you don’t even get what you were working so hard towards, but what matters at the end of the day is that you know you made the right choice and you stuck by it. You believed in the ideas you preach and live by it. That builds character and makes you learn about yourself more and you know what you’re actually made of. That, to some people, don’t mean a lot as compared to doing what’s ‘normal’ or ‘by right’. It all comes down to choices and personality, there’s no right or wrong as to what you believe in or what you don’t believe in. What matters is that you know you have lived an actual life. One that you can proudly say to yourself was good despite everything.


I won’t be in the country for a while, and won’t be getting a new phone line for the time being when it expires. So if you’d like to contact me, there’s always butterscotch.md@gmail.com

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