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Eye Candies from DC Direct coming soon

Needless to say, by now i would have been done with reading Batman Inc and The Return. Hmm. Well firstly, Return of Bruce Wayne was alright to me. I didn’t find it especially thrilling or suspenseful but i guess it wasn’t bad. I mean a story like this could easy have been pure crap, but it didn’t come out pure crap, so in that aspect i guess it’s good?

While i understand this is a huge change in the story of Batman and it’s almost like reinventing, no sorry, it IS reinventing Batman, I feel that it was really just done for commercial reasons – appealing to mass public after breaking down Bruce Wayne and then starting from scratch again.

First of all, I don’t think i ever got past the fact that Bruce Wayne is no longer *the* Batman. And secondly, in The Return of Bruce Wayne he was behaving totally unlike Bruce Wayne. It could be due to the fact that his brains just got fried by Darkseid and he’s lost his memory, but i just didn’t like the way he didn’t feel like the Bruce Wayne at all. He’s lost, confused but still goes around kicking bad guys’ asses. If i had to come up with a character emotion for him after he resurrected, i would think it makes more sense for him to be really lost and confused as to what’s right and wrong, thus giving him the chance to re-evaluate who is was and what he believes in. And then when he remembers his past, BAM! He would come back stronger than ever. But this is just my imaginary version of course.

Anyway, from DC Direct will be coming these action figures based on The Return of Bruce Wayne. Think the “Wild West” version of him was my favourite one.

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