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The walking dead, premiers on Halloween

A follow up on one of my previous post regarding a television series of The Walking Dead based on the comics by Robert Kirk. I have to say the actor for Rick is perfect. Almost totally like the Rick in the comics. And as for Glenn’s character? The actor is way cuter than how he is drawn in the books. I’m not complaining. Haven’t read much updates for this television series, considering the fact that we will most probably not have it air here in this shitty ‘sunny island’ full of haze at the moment, PLUS the fact that Scott Pilgrim won’t be showing in the cinemas here as well, i really don’t want to dangle a carrot infront of myself and hope for it so hopelessly.

Here are some pictures of the cast. Not everyone’s here, i was pretty disappointed in Lori’s actress though. She has this “crazy eyes” look that i really hate in some actresses.



I think Andrea’s actress is PERFECT too. And the walkers a.k.a. zombies are beautifully done! Such a shame this shitty shit hole don’t air it on halloween too.

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