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Superman: Earth One

Finally, Earth One’s out! The cover art looks promising but on the preview pages of the inside illustrations…. Inks were well done i guess, but i can’t seem to get past the proportion of Clark. Not surprisingly, like most comics lately, this is a reinvention of the well known and popular Superman. *rolls eyes* According to cbsnews.com, Clark is supposed to be a shorter and smaller built version compared to the one we are all too familiar with. And with the new get up from the cover, be prepared to see hoodies, skinny jeans (isn’t this fad a while back ago?) and possibly an emo looking Clark? *cue shrieking fans*




While i can understand companies wanting to milk superheroes for newer target audience, sometimes it appalls me see how they totally stray from their origins. Not saying that it’s a bad thing, some changes were evidently for the best, like the more serious take on Batman by Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams removing the entire campy image he used to have. And writers like Geoff Johns are really outstanding. Seems like some writer are best at reinventing.

I just can’t get past the outward appearance of Clark this time round. I don’t understand why do they have to make him seem ‘more human’ when he is obviously not human to start with?? Making a protagonist relatable to the readers also has to have its limits without compromising on the very essence of it, yes? no? Speaking of essence of superheroes and they’re character, history, personality, origins etc, this reminds me how upset i was with Morrison’s new plans for Batman’s ongoing project. Yes i know, i have whined and bitched about this so many times before over here, but seeing a similar pattern in the DC Universe comics is just highly depressing. No wonder Alan Moore quit the scene, i really see where he’s coming from.

After all that whining, chances are, i might give this comic a go.

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