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About time Mr Morrison

So finally it’s october, and November will be the start of Morrison’s 2 year plan of Batman releases. It’s about time, way too long without Batman news. I mean sure Return of Bruce Wayne was out, but god dammit the comics are taken up so fast, only hopes is waiting for the graphic novel next year, or just pre order it. i don’t know man. Been spending way too much on the Bats already.

This series? I’m fucking in LOVE with it. Best Batman cartoon EVER (ok open to interpretation but I LOOOOOOOVE it).

Okay i finally finished last issue of Comic Heroes and Alan Moore’s article was particularly true and almost wise, me thinks. And to prove him right even further, DC’s management and offices are going through quite a lot of changes and even retrenchment for the next few months. And I didn’t know Moore was gonna stop doing comics altogether, even though most media outlet believes he’s not serious about it. I sure hope to god he’s not serious about it.

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