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Batman: the brave and the bold

I can’t believe i finally watched Batman: The Brave and the Bold series. I mean I’ve watched clips of it here and there, plus I like how they all look with the squarish jawline, but I’ve never sat down and watched one whole episode entirely. And while waiting for a friend to be done pooping, i was looking in this old, weird looking store that sells DVDs and was looking to see if they have any Batman animated series and I found Volume one!

I was skeptical cause it was being sold at a cheap price. But when i got home, sat through an episode, I FELL IN LOVE IMMEDIATELY. It is cute, nicely paced, fast actions and the story line’s kinda good! I’m surprised! I mean i like the brave and the bold series but i didn’t expect it to be THAT good. I am going back tomorrow to get the other two. I’m hooked for sure.

  1. October 17, 2011 at 1:09 AM

    Batman the Brave and the Bold started out kooky and with some progress, but by season 3… ugh. Bat-Mite? Ambush Bug? It was schizophrenic.

    We did takes on every season starting here with a lot of pics and a little humor (which you will need) if your are interested:


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