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Project arkham!

I am really curious if anyone visits the new website or not because the hits for this blog is way higher than the other one. :/ If no one actually reads stuff from that site, there’s not much point in me updating it is there? >.<! My dear readers, please do comment or leave some feedbacks! I need to know what you guys want!!! >.<!!!! And in case you don’t know which site I’m talking about, click on “Project Arkham” on the top right section.

Anyway, was going to put this update on the other website but since this page is getting more hits, I might as well just post it here. I got the DC Adventures: Hero’s Handbook. It is a DC RPG (role playing game). Never would i imagine myself venturing into the world of role playing, and now that I’m expose to this community, I’m thinking it’s not that weird as it sounds.

I am excited! Did i also mention how much i love my job?

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