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Project Arkham

Hello world of virtual readers! I have news for followers of my blog! I have been sneakily working on a new site and now it is fairly decent enough to let the rest of the world know of its existence. It is still very empty and bare, but like i’ve said, decent enough (i hope). I might be buying the domain name, and the site name will be much easier to remember. But then again it also depends on the number of viewers i get, so… we’ll see!

Oh and don’t get the wrong idea, this site will still be updated and will still be using the same link. All i’ve done is link this blog to part of that site, so you can still visit this site with the same link address from Project Arkham (i hope this isn’t confusing for you). But just take a look at my new site and you’ll get what i mean.

Ladies and gentlemen, i introduce to you: Project Arkham! 😀

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