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Rain Wilson in Super movie

Super is an upcoming comedy movie that takes a shot at the whole super hero genre with Rain Wilson (from the American version of The Office), also in the cast are Ellen Page and Liv Tyler. Well, if you actually clicked on the link regarding this movie, i have no idea how that guy has already watched this movie (maybe my resources are slow or he gets to review movies first, i don’t know) but the story basically goes like this.

Rain Wilson plays the protagonist, whose wife with a past drug addiction falls in love with Kevin Bacon and then falls back into her addiction again, driving Wilson to put on a costume with indirect attempts to get his wife back. Ellen Page plays his ‘side kick’ or accomplice in his plans as a quirky misfit who works in a comic book store.

I have to say, what bad timing. Especially after Kick-Ass the movie, this will just come off as another movie genre craze in the hollywood scene, you know, the whole indie superhero/real life situation scenarios. And directed by James Gunn who did Slither and Rain Wilson as the lead actor, I must say, this could either be cringe worthy or just plain typical. Don’t get me wrong though, I do hope this turns out good but I’m not counting much on its success rate. The only thing worth looking forward to is looking at Ellen Page, but then again, she plays another one of her usual, predictable roles (think Juno). And while many people actually like Rain Wilson in the U.S. version of The Office, I really find his acting rather exaggerating. Sometimes it’s just really annoying and rarely spot on.

Trailer for this movie’s not out yet, guess we have to wait and give it a chance till then. This is their panel in SDCC 2010 talking about the movie, watch it and maybe you’ll know what i mean by Rain Wilson can be so predictably funny at times. Come up with new stuff already, Wilson.

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