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Would you want Batman to be gay or straight?

Travis gave me the link to this video, thought it was cute.

and speaking of videos, the one Dave showed me really cracked me up. It’s funny how people have different adaptations of that scene from TDK in the interrogation room between the joker and batman.

I am really thinking of making a Batman parody myself!! >.<!!!!!

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  1. Edward Adam Bradshaw
    April 26, 2011 at 10:00 AM

    I would definitely want Batman to be gay. Show him in a D.C. Comic book with a businessman from Gotham who rubs his beefy chest and plays in his chest hair and it turns Batman on, arouses him sexually, and Batman has sex with the businessman.Batman is so sexy. He arouses me sexually. His big strong hairy chest and his body. I told D.C. Comics and the owner to do a comic book about Batman having sex with a man. You tell them to do it too please. Batman is so fine. He is the sexiest, finest man I ever saw in my entire life. He is a beefcake.

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