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Batman video game based on The Brave and the Bold series

Working from the context of an established franchise – in this case, the cartoon – must have its good points and its bad points. Among the good is the graphical vision is already established and you don’t have to re-imagine the look of the game. The bad would be that the cartoon has legions of fans that will come at your game with certain expectations. What do you take from the cartoon series for the game, and what do you bypass in order to make this truly a game that players can embrace?

Actually, quite a lot carried directly over. The structure of the TV show is already very video game-like in regard to progressing through the environments and battling thugs on the way to a final boss. And since we had decided to emulate the show’s format, dialogue, and art style, a good deal of our game flow came from just watching what the TV show did. In areas where we needed to differ, like combat variety and level design, we looked at the classic brawler games we grew up on, such as “Double Dragon” and “Final Fight.” The TV show has a very nostalgic vibe, so it made sense that the gameplay would be a bit of a throwback as well.

In regard to the legion of Batman fans with high expectations, we certainly felt that during development. And to raise expectations even more, this is the Batman game that follows “Batman: Arkham Asylum,” arguably the greatest superhero video game ever made! But like the TV show, it’s a completely unique take on the character. Ultimately, we just made the kind of all-ages Batman game we’d want to play ourselves.

Keep in mind that for all the adorable visuals of WayForward games like “Shantae” and “A Boy and His Blob,” WayForward loves developing games with solid, old-school mechanics. And even though this game is aimed at younger audiences, it’s no exception to that trend. I’m confident that any skeptical Bat-fans that take time to try the game out and master the combat will really enjoy the game.

What elements do you feel are essential to making a good Batman game?

I’d say maybe above everything else, you have to nail his persona. There’s a level of confidence and thoughtfulness to the character that needs to be respected. You can’t have a Batman game where the character just charges mindlessly into a group of bad guys. Even in an action game like ours, there needs to be the illusion that Batman is constantly assessing the situation, on his guard, and striking when he knows it’s the right moment. And that’s something we conveyed through the selection of combat maneuvers, and as well as through the execution of each animation. We needed the player to feel as though they’re controlling the World’s Greatest Detective, not some typical action hero in a Batman suit.

Who scripted the game? Can players expect a few surprises that may not appear (yet) in the cartoon series?

It was a very collaborative process between WayForward and Warner Bros. Animation. As with everything else, we wanted the dialogue to be as true to the show’s tone and humor as possible. So at the start of the project, both companies discussed which heroes and villains to feature. Once those were settled on, we went back and forth on plot breakdowns before jumping into the actual scripts. I wrote the dialogue for the Wii game and Sean Velasco wrote for the DS, with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment providing feedback and suggestions along the way.

As for surprises not from the show, all the heroes and villains in our game have at least had a cameo in the TV show. However, we were able to really develop and expand some of these characters within the game. Arisia and Copperhead, for example, make their speaking debuts in our game. And characters that appeared only briefly in the show, like Catman, are given a chance to take the spotlight in the game. We have an entire episode about the relationship between Batman and Hawkman, a character barely touched upon in the show. In all, the player is getting four completely new, original game episodes created specifically for this game.

Read more on the interview here.

It does sound like the Batman Lego game though. But it would be cute to see the lesser known villians for a change, like……… THE ERASER. That name gets to me every time.

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