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New Released Action Figures from Blackest Night

My personal favourite is the Indigo Tribe’s leader, whose name is, well, Indigo ^^” IF i had to join a corp, i wished i was in the Indigo Corps!! They kinda remind me of the Na’vi people from Avatar, but they’re NOT the same, so don’t be a retard and call them Na’vis or something like that. And i like the figures of superheroes like Batman after being consumed and raised from the dead by the Black lanterns.

They don’t have it but i think they should have a statue of Elongated man with Sue based on a scene in the comic when Elongated Man goes “I smell a mystery”. That was kinda creepy but really nicely drawn. Anyway, here are the figures! I don’t know how to put pictures under the cut so this post will look rather long cause of the pictures.

The Blue Corps (hope)

The Indigo Corps

Star Sapphire




The Atom

And these are the superheroes being consumed by the Black Lanterns. Pretty cool if you ask me.


Wonder Woman



The Flash

And last but not least… Black hand! And that’s Batman’s skull he’s holding.

God. i need to get Brightest day!

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