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Interesting Reference

This week was WB movies crossed with DC characters. I chose Alex from A Clockwork Orange vs Batman. Having never seen ACO, I rented it and really didn’t think it was that good. I guess for it’s time it was something to see, but now, not so much.

Drawing this, I couldn’t help but connect Alex’s story with what could’ve been the Joker’s origin. The original book of ACO, written by Anthony Burgess, ended on a high note, with Alex truly feeling remorse for his actions and making a change for the better. Kubrick’s film adaptation, which was based on the American book omitted that last chapter, the producers believing Americans would not like such an ending. I believe if Alex remained a miscreant like he did in the film, he just might have become something similar to Batman’s arch-nemesis.

I’ve heard a lot about A Clockwork Orange, but have never seen it. And apart from the illustration, which is good and very manga styled, i thought this was a very good comparison and reference done to the Joker in Batman. Check out this blog for other illustrations that combine different characters in different scenarios. Rather well done i would say.

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