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It’s not so bad after listening to the interview with Grant Morrison on Batman Inc.

Watch the video from the link below. I can’t seem to find a version of it that i can put up on my blog. :/


Okay so after reading about opinions and different articles of the upcoming Batman Inc., i finally watched a video with an interview by CBR at the SDCC this year with Grant Morrison himself speaking. And i have to say, i am glad i watched that video. I am extremely happy to hear that Grant Morrison understands that Bruce Wayne IS Batman (by this i mean Bruce Wayne is part of Batman but Batman is not Batman if he is not Bruce Wayne. And i know this sentence is confusing but think about it, it makes perfect sense) and you can’t just take Bruce Wayne out of the equation and see Batman as the same man. Like i’ve whined about so many times, Bruce Wayne and his life and what happened and how he deals with stuff IS the essence of Batman.

Morrison is coming up with Batman Inc. because of what happened to Bruce Wayne. After a life changing experience and being so mind fucked with the time travel and stuff, he almost has an epiphany and wants to improve his work by coming up with a franchise of Batmen and go global beyond Gotham with his crime fighting plans. This is new, because, finally Batman admits that he cannot do this alone (despite years of Dick Grayson, the Oracle, Tim Drake and a few others telling him that). And the character development from here is amazing.

Morrison also mentioned that because of certain characters Bruce Wayne chose as being fit to carry the Batman title, there will be incidents that addresses his younger years. And from there you get to see the change and progression from Batman over the years and his involvements with different superheroes and villians along the way.

While Dick Grayson as the current Batman is somewhat a filler until Bruce Wayne’s return, what’s on everyone’s mind is what will happen to Grayson once Bruce is back. Grayson is after all the first Robin and i dare say he’s the most favored Robin. But Morrison assures that there will be a place for Grayson after Bruce returns, he got that planned out.

Speaking of Robins. In the interview they brought up the topic of Damian as the new Robin and how he was so readily accepted by the readers. Dick Grayson is the best (in my opinion), and then readers voted to kill off Jason Todd ’cause maybe he was really an ass after all, Tim Drake was alright but still ‘meh’. And when Damian came into the picture, readers were like *Gasp*. But it didn’t take long before fans accepted him as Robin despite him being deeply flawed, which could be one of the reasons, according to Morrison, why fans accepted him so readily. Damian ultimately wants to do good and his relationship with Batman is a quiet but really a sweet one. Batman gives him his space and loves him in an, what i would call, unconventional way. And at the end of the day, he is Batman’s son after all.

So yes. After watching that video i feel so much better and i am actually looking forward to see what Morrison has come up with. And i think this may be his last work on Batman. This Batman Inc. and tying all loose ends together will be stretched over 2 years. Let’s hope this guy stays for good. >.<

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