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Yes, yes it’s all rumours, but this could be one of the better rumours by far.

It seems like almost all the time now that actors express their interest in playing The Riddler in Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film. Actors such as Brian Austin Green, David Tennant, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Dane Cook, Robin Williams, Adrien Brody, Johnny Depp, Andy Serkis, Eddie Murphy, and Michael C. Hall have all let it be known that they would be interested in taking up the role and now comes another name that can be added to this list – Jackson Rathbone.

Rathbone plays Jasper Cullen in the Twilight films and is arguably one of the most talented actors to come out of the film series.

When Jackson Rathbone was at Melanie Segal’s T.J. Maxx-sponsored Celebrity Retreat on Wednesday, August 5th, when asked by Hollywood Life about playing The Riddler: “Are you kidding me? I would do that at the drop of a hat!” He continued on as he joked, “I’m not going to take my hat off now, but that would be awesome.” On the serious note, he explained, “That is the kind of role I like. I like character parts.”

Rathone is a pretty good actor. I guess I would not be against his playing The Riddler. Considering all the brilliant talents that could be cast, Rathbone is not someone I would immediately want for it.

‘Batman 3’ is expected to be directed by Christopher Nolan, and be released on July 20, 2012. Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, and Morgan Freeman are expected to return.

Hmm… Yummy. Well, nothing’s confirmed yet but you know, people like to speculate stuff before things are confirmed in a movie. We don’t even know if the Riddler is one of the villians in Batman 3. And quite frankly, i’m getting a little annoyed by the whole Joseph Gordon-Levitt being the Riddler rumours, because i sure as hell do not want him to be the Riddler if it’s the next featured villian!

And well this interest to play the Riddler expressed by Jackson Rathbone is catching my attention! hehe. i mean chances of him landing the role is pretty slim honestly, considering his attachment to the Twilight franchise and how Nolan does his casting. But one can always dream right? This Jackson guy does make a very sexy Riddler..

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