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A Justice League Movie?

Oh wow. Now they are just milking it for all it’s worth. I mean sure, fans like myself will be suckers and watch the movie, whether liking it or not is another issue, but seriously. Stop using old materials for movies already. Okay you know like when you find something really good and you get all selfish about it and stuff because you don’t want others to have that super awesome thing you have? Well yeah, that applies to this whole comic superhero line of movies too.

I mean like seriously, COME ON. After the movie comes out i will most probably find people coming up to me telling me about THEIR favourite comic superhero just because they know i’m a batman fan. And it is fucking annoying. I mean it doesn’t bother me if you were a fan all along, but some douchebags (more so lately because of all these goddamn superhero movie shits) who has watched a movie about a comic superhero, and then goes home to wikipedia or whatever internet source he/she has, and then SELF PROCLAIMS THEMSELVES TO BE A COMIC FAN. FUCK YOU ASSHOLES REALLY. (Ok i know i am displaying some forms of a nerd rage now, but this phenomenon is getting on my nerves.)

Oh and digressing a bit now. if you are one of those people who hates it when people use wikipedia for everything? Go read this online rant. I am one of that 85% in that writer’s class. It doesn’t diss Wiki, but i think what that article is addressing is something worth discussing.

Back to point. When you are a fan, it gets inbuilt in you. It becomes part of you to the point where it is a normal thing and you don’t go around talking about it non stop, especially when no one is asking you about it in the first place. Just like brushing your teeth, do you go around telling people how many strokes of brushes you take for you to finish your morning routine of teeth brushing?

And you know you are a fan when you get away from it for a couple of months, and then you get so desperate and needy for some form of geek culture of any kind, and then you suffer from desperation and vow to venture out into board gaming or maybe even one of those role playing games, just as long as you are within that little geeky community where everything is familiar and everything is <3.

Also, if you think Ironman or any superhero is cool, or cooler than Batman or whatever shit like that? Go fucking ahead. Don’t tell me all about it. I don’t need to argue with you as some form of assurance to myself that my favourite superhero is the best. And i don’t fucking care if you hate the superhero i love. And what you diss about Batman will not affect my love for him (yes i am aware that i am talking about a fictitious character here). So quit whining like a little bitch about which superhero you think is good or better than batman. I don’t want to talk about that, especially if you’re using it as some form of a pickup line.

So yes. Apart from the awesomeness of seeing stuff from the comic books come to the huge ass screen in cinemas near you, there are quite a couple of factors that makes me dread it at the same time. It’s so sad really, all these movie adaptations. Movies get made without thinking of the consequences, as long as it sells, they’re all good.

Hmm.. Since i’m ranting, i might as well let this out of my system too. Look at all the shits who are fucking crazy over twilight. I’m ashamed to say i have watched the first two twilight movies. The first one was a mistake, a pure, honest mistake. The second time i was kinda persuaded to watch… grr……. and i was actually fucking pissed off during and after the movie. I mean, i went in the cinema before it started, in hopes that it will be good and prove me wrong! But noooooooooooooooooo…… It fucking sucked. And halfway through the movie, i looked around me and felt intense hatred for all the people who are enjoying every single second of the movie. I wanted to burn the whole cinema down.

ANYWAY! if you are a fan of twilight, it doesn’t mean i hate you or think you’re stupid (though the latter is questionable), i just don’t share your interests, that’s all! As long as you don’t make me watch the movie or read the series of book, or even discuss it with me, i am perfectly fine being around twilight fans.

And just to make it clear, the Twilight series i was talking about is the one with vampires who look constipated constantly and glitters under the sun. Not the very much loved, Twilight Zone. =)

Okay. End of nerd rage and rant.

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