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According to Batman-on-film

More rumor control…

Like I’ve said before, I don’t like calling out other sites for B3 BS, but the following is, well, BS.

According to COMICBOOKMOVIE.COM, three of the stars of director Chris Nolan’s INCEPTION — Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, and Leonardo DiCaprio — are up for the part of The Riddler in BATMAN 3.


IF The Riddler is a character in B3 it wouldn’t shock me to see either JGL or Hardy nab the part — though I am hearing that the JGL rumors are legit.

As far as DiCaprio is concerned, there’s no way he’d do B3 — much less The Riddler — anyway.

The bottom line here is that the next bit of official B3 news — which I suspect will include the film’s title, the return of Chris Nolan (officially), the release date (again), and perhaps a bit of casting — will come via the trades and not any movie website, BOF included.



Oh man. i really dont like the idea of Joseph Gordon Levitt playing as the riddler. Nothing against him ,but seriously??? and frankly speaking i dont know much about his acting ability. Sure, ‘500 days of summer’ was a hit (i hated that movie. didnt understand the whole hype about it), and the fact that he was from ‘3rd rock from the sun’, and in ‘inception’ he was alright (still, no outstanding performances from him), but i really don’t like the idea of him getting into the whole Batman franchise (nothing against him).

i just hope its a rumour, cause i think they should get actors who can really act but are not famous yet, like you know, get new blood on the set. oh well. lets wait and see.

oh. and to cast the riddler after the joker? i dont know. the riddler feels like a rip off of the joker’s character to start with. but then again i don’t know how the third movie is gonna continue from the second. soooo. fingers crossed!

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