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Funko Toys

There’s a toy company I really love named Funko & they’re mainly known for making Wacky Wobblers ( Character-Related Bobblehead Nodders ). Well, they now have the license to do DC Comics Comic Book characters. Yes!! Now, the Bat-Blog reported about most of these new toys awhile back but we finally got some actual photos instead of prototype pics! Plus, some extra news. First the pics: Shown here are the “Batman Computer Sitter” figure, it’s sa-weet! Look for it around August, 2010. The next item is the “Batman Wacky Wobbler Bobble-Car”. Basically it’s a bobble-head inside a Batmobile car…very cool! ( There will also be 2 color variations, one black, another blue ). Now the new stuff: The next few photos are their Funko-Force 2.0 Vinyl Figures. Shown here is Batgirl & 2 different Batman variations. OK, they look the same in these pics but one of the Batman figures have metallic paint. OK, the very last picture is totally amazing! Here are the 1st seven figures that will come out. We have Batgirl, Batman, Robin, Green Lantern ( what’s he doing in there? Ha! ), Penguin, Joker, & The Riddler! Oh man, all this stuff is totally cool.


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