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Batman Tattoos from The Bat Blog

The Bat-Blog is pretty famous for our amazing collection of Batman-related tattoo art pics. Hey, it’s not bragging if it’s true, ha ha! Anyways, a fellow Batman Fan named Michael sent us this photo of a BATMAN AND JOKER Tattoo he just got. I mean, he literally just got it! It shows a Modern-Day Batman ( comic book version ) & a scary portrait of the Joker! I noticed that the Joker has a little bit of color & I asked if he was going to have the whole thing colorized. He said, “No, the tattoo is complete. I just wanted a little bit of color & plan to leave the rest with just black ink only.” OK Michael, that’s cool! I mean, why mess with perfection, this bat-tat looks awesome!

Our friend Katie sent us this wonderful photo showing off her Batman “Arm Sleeve” Tattoo. The artwork looks super-great & if you’re also a fan of the Sandman Vertigo DC Comics Series then you’ll really like the other arm too! Thank You Katie for sharing your pictures. Both of these tattoos are very very very cool! As always we want to invite any & all Bat-Blog Readers ( that includes YOU ) to share any Batman-related pics you might have. It can be Tattoo Pics, Original Artwork, Toy or Comic Book Collections, Birthday Cakes, Customs…whatever!

I thought I’d do a quick post to show everybody this extremely nice photo of some BATMAN TATTOO ART that a friend named Jonathan just recently got! It’s a very surreal-type image showing Batman turning into a group of flying bats…cool! The Tattoo Artist did a really great job on it! I wanna thank Jonathan for letting me post this pic.

This photo was sent in by our friend James. In the graphic Batman is holding a small “Robin Bird” in his hand. Now, that is sort of ironic. You know, “Batman & Robin”. But the story is larger than that. He got this tattoo to celebrate his mother. The “Robin Bird” is sort of a symbol for her because she really loved birds & her name was also “Robin”. That’s very sweet. I like when tattoos have a lot of meaning to them like that, very cool. I wanna thank James for sharing both his story & cool pic. ( As a side-note, the Tattoo Artist is Steve Lima ).

This is really cool! The Bat-Blog is pretty famous for showcasing a lot of BATMAN inspired Tattoo Art but this one is actually an inspirational message about Batman! Our friend James recently got this tattoo that looks like a small torn piece of paper that has this message, “Batman Thinks of Everything” ( with “everything” underlined ). Now, I’m guessing that this means that, like the Caped Crusader, you “should always plan ahead & be prepared for things in life”…very cool! Well, it might have another meaning for James but I wanna thank him for sending us this great pic of a very unique bat-tat!

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