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The COVERED Blog is a website where they ask other Comic Book Artists & Graphic Designers to re-create some classic comic book covers in their own unique style. They usually show the original book next to the new piece & it’s always very clever. [source]


I’m gonna paste a couple of these covers here but there’s a lot more from the original site here. FYI: the original cover art is on the left, the ones on the right are the ones covered. Enjoy!

Box Brown covers Spectacular Spider-man 79


Oli Lee covers Iron Man 244


James Clark covers Strange Adventures 162


Bulu covers Suske en Wiske de Sprietatoom


Kerry Callen covers Flash 133


Noah Van Sciver covers Shock SuspenStories 12


Sam Henderson covers Sex to Sexty 64


Fonografiks covers V for Vendetta


Mike Walton covers Detective Comics 241


Gustavo Deveze covers Dirty Laundry Comics 2


Isaac Moylan covers Wonder Woman 29


David King covers Starman El Libertario 119


Dan Bru covers Iron Man 128


Tomasz Kackowski covers Batman: A Death in the Family


Sacha Borisich and John Dallaire cover Tales of the Zombie 1


Ben Zmith and Sara Witty cover Ghost Rider / Blaze: Spirits Of Vengeance 5


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