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Once upon a time

Once upon a time i was at home with you, and we just got home and we’d be preparing for dinner which is steak, and then you’ll be telling me about your work and then browse tons of tattoo pictures. And while having dinner, we’ll be watching a dvd.

Honestly, i miss it. It was good times and i felt loved and happy. maybe it just felt too safe. i don’t know.

So this post is to nostalgia.

BUT before i start this post, i have to say tattoos in this part of the body on girls are EXTREMELY common and getting more and more common!! It’s driving me nuts!

So anyway, these are some tattoos i like and i think they’re good work. Here’s to Nostalgia:

Broccoli baby!!! SOO CUUUTE! i loooove broccolis(plural)!

If i do get a UV tattoo i will get something incredibly dumb or silly. you know those so dumb/silly its cute kind? HA.

this is rather simple, but i like it for some strange reason!

The party ghost! god, i love kuku-ish UV tattoos.

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