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It’s more than an addiction

I’ve been comic deprived really. The withdrawal symptoms are appearing. Sydney only has 2 comic stores that bring in official DC and Marvel stuff. When i live here eventually, remind me to get a credit card so i can get stuff online. I’m so deprived of comics i wouldn’t mind venturing into Marvel comics (if you know me, i’m a strict DC person).

Comicsss comics comicsssssssssssssss

And the above picture is Batman in parallel universes. What a wonderful thought that is! Do you believe in parallel universes? I definitely do and i hope as hell that exist!

Ever heard of the Schrödinger’s cat experiment? That’s supposedly the simpler explaination of parallel universes!

If i was told of such theories when i was having Science lessons in secondary school, i would have paid more attention so i’d understand and be able to calculate some quantum theory or something like that =(

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