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HELLO! my internet is up again miraculously. the phone and internet plans here are different from singapore, so i’m still a little confuse how it works. but getting on the internet is not my priority but since i’ve got it again, i figured, why not update this site! But before we get back to Batman, the trip here is fantastic. it’s wonderful and i am loving every minute and second of this place. sure, a couple of weeks ago i was a little homesick, but i got past that and now i really don’t wanna go back to singapore!

I’m not too keen on going down to Sydney(town), been there twice; one for the musical CATS and the other time was just sight seeing a little. Most of my time spent here are either with the neighbours (lovely, LOVELY people) and hanging around, exploring the small towns. I love the fact that i am able to get out of the house for a walk without having to see a single person around and the wildlife here is BEEEAAAUUTIFUL. Words can NOT express how delightful/happy/excited i am when im out for some nature walks. the scenic view is amazing. I will definitely relocate here the moment things are settled. one thing’s for sure, i don’t miss singapore at all, apart from the easily accessible japanese food and of course, my friends. you really get to open your mind here.

on a side note, my cash is running reeallllly low and there’s this book on superheroes’ philosophy, i’m still contemplating whether to get it or not. anyway, back to Batman related topics.

Look at these cutesy artworks while i update myself on the comic realm.

I am in a wonderful place right now. this is the feeling of contentment and peace.

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