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Arkham Asylum Action Figures

Wow! Check out these BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM Action Figures! As everyone knows the video game was a smash hit. I mean, it won “Game of the Year” around the world! With it’s popularity Warner Bros has capitalized on a few products. Mainly there have been a few T-Shirts & Statues. Well, now they’re going to make some action figures & they look pretty awesome! The first wave will feature Batman, The Joker, Scarecrow, & Harley Quinn. Oh yeah, the Joker figure will also come with a smallScarface Ventriloquist Doll . About the only information on these new toys right now is that they will be about 6″ tall & heavily articulated. DC Direct has not given an exact release date yet but stay tuned to the Bat-Blog & we will let you know. In the mean time here’s some pictures to totally drool over, ha! ( Thanks to Guenter for the heads-up! )

-Bat Blog

This is by far my favourite version of how the Scarecrow looks like, sexay! And erm, is it me or does Harley Quinn looks a little chubby there? Isn’t she supposed to be hot?!?!

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