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It’ll all be over soon. Goodbye.

who am i kidding? C recently reminded me of issues that hurt me and is sensitive to me in quite recent past. and basically… nth good is really happening to my ghost life in sg. if anything, its all mundane, retarded or just bad. cant help but get a little upset and coming online is just making things lonelier. at this rate, i’m willing to give everything up over there.

i wont be on the internet from now on. i want to start leading a real life over here, at least for this period of time. lets see how long i’ll last shall we?

oh and. anyone who’s making plans to come meet me? Don’t. cancel it all. if im ignoring u or not replying u, it means i dont want to talk to u and i dont really want anyone to visit me here right now. i need time to sort myself out. please respect that.

but there are a few exceptions of course. it all depends. but i want to stay away frm all the bad memories for now.

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