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The Killing Joke spoofed in South Park!


South park’s second latest episode, titled 201 did a small section that was from The Killing Joke, one of the major comics in Batman history! I have no idea where this came from, maybe the creators are fans of Batman too or they just had nothing else to come up with, but it is definitely a pleasant surprise! And i’m a fan of both soooooo… WOO HOO.

Oh watch 201 HERE.

Here are some of the screen shots, taken from Bat-blog.

Normally after an episode airs on television in the States, they will put it up on http://www.southparkstudios.com/. However, this episode, 201, will most probably not air due to religious reasons, because Prophet Muhamed is mentioned in it -.- and it is said that producers may be in quite a bit of trouble. so just click on the link i gave on top to watch it.

It’s quite amusing how religions get so anal about things.

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