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If REC does not sound familiar to you, maybe Quarantine does. But Quarantine is really a remake of the original one done by Spanish directors Balaguero and Plaza.

(Do not watch the above version of the movie. It is badddddddd.)

Instead, watch REC! The original one.

Basically, it is a zombie movie. Shot by supposedly a hand camera. A lot have compared this to the Blair Witch Project, but trust me, the Blair Witch Project was a stupid movie to start with, and this is NOTHING close to that. REC is a ground breaking genre of zombie movies of its own. Even the dumbest people in the cinema were shut up watching it, because it is that good, that scary and breath taking. (and it’s true that you might even find yourself holding your breath most of the time during the movie. At least i know i did.)

What you see in the trailer is not even 1/4 of the awesome-ness and real-ness and scary-ness of the film. Best part, it does not make you wanna puke, and this is coming from someone who gets motion sickness from District 9 the movie (myself, duh).

The first part starts with a reporter and a camera man doing a documentary of what goes on in the daily work of firemen, then an emergency calls come in and the reporter and her cameraman tags along. Halfway filming inside the building where the emergency call came from, they realized the whole building is closed up due to some super infectious, unknown disease and people start panicking because no one can come in or go out. And that is when the real shit starts to happen ^^

It sounds really typical but when the second installation of the movie came out last weekend (IT IS STILL ON NOW!), it is OWNAGE. Everything in the first movie made so much sense, and the twist in the story plot is FUCKING FANTASTIC, action is proportionately sufficient and IT IS THE BEST ZOMBIE MOVIE THAT DOES NOT SOUND RIDICULOUS OR DUMB AT ALL. And no, it is not about some end of the world apocalyptic story plot, nor is it some infectious disease thingy like 28 days later. It is nothing of that sort. it is a whole new genre of its own i tell you.


This is the second installation of the movie.

(this is out in Singapore’s cinemas now!!!!)

oh and something to take note: the whole movie is in Spanish with English subtitles AND DO NOT WATCH THE SECOND ONE IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THE FIRST ONE because you will not understand anything at all and you will just kill the whole movie for yourself.

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