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Whatever happened to the caped crusader?

If you didn’t know, Neil Gaiman (yes i know, a shit load of little girls crazy over his sandman comics for the wrong reasons. you know, the whole oh-so-cool, i’m-dark-and-morbid/emo/goth/poetic reasons *roll eyes*) has a thing for Batman, and his latest Batman comic was ‘Whatever happened to the caped crusader’. It was kinda psychedelic, dreamy, surreal (yeah, you get the picture) and, fucking awesome. So guess what?

Neil Gaiman got the Hugo award nomination for that comic!

(yes, he is getting old now)

(pictures taken from The Bat Blog)

Along side with the nominations is also Fables Volume 12: The Dark Ages written by Bill Willingham, which in my opinion is a very intelligent way of turning events around and continuing the story. I was pretty sure it was nearing the end of the series to my dismay, but i was gladly proven wrong! And i have the strongest feeling Little Boy Blue is coming back for sure 😉

And according to Kevin, the latest long awaited graphic novel after the death of Bruce Wayne is out. Well, it better be by now!

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