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Superhero sex. Was Superman a stud ? Did Batman like Robin to much ?

You know growing up for me. The two biggest superheros were Superman and Batman. Now Clark Kent was pretty gay, but Superman. He was pretty masculine. I could see him knocking down some ass in his spare time. I always wondered though. Did he have super-powered sperm. Like if a girl was riding him, and he busted a nut. That girls head would probably slam through the ceiling. Or what if Superman was tagging it doggiestyle, and smacked her ass ? He’d probably dislocate her hip. God have mercy on her soul, if she’s one of those girls who likes to be choked. All in all though. I see Superman as a heterosexual male superhero. Now Batman makes me wonder. Why did he give Robin a suit with so little clothing. I also wondered why when they were running Robin was always in front ? I don’t think it was because he was faster. I think it was because he like watching that ass jiggle. He probably would get all excited. Use some bat gas from his utility belt. Get Robin to pass out, and pound that young boy with his Batawang. “Holy hurting hole Batman!” I would have like to have seen a porno of the old Batman T.V. show. Like with all the cheesy action phrases in it. Like when Batman was tapping it. You would see words pop up on the screen. Like “SLAM. POW. WHAM.” I truly believe Batman tunneled out more then one Batcave. If you know what I mean. I don’t know why I wrote this. But why not ? Hopefully you enjoyed it, and that you’ll stop by again sometime. B good, and have a good day.

This short excerpt is taken from here. Extremely funny, me thinks.

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