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I’ll keep them still

These sketches are done by Mike Hawthorne, an artist, designer and cartoonist for DC/vertigo and marvel comics, as well as other companies.

And omg look at this comic! it’s sooooo cute!

In the madness of the Zombie Apocalypse, amid the throngs of living dead and terrified victims, the littlest zombie roams. He’s just an inquisitive chap filled with curiosity about the world on fire around him. Pushed around by his fellow undead (who always get to the brains first), and positively frowned upon by the remaining living citizens, the poor little guy just wants a friend. And maybe something to chew on… like your face!

Such an adorable description for the Littlest Zombie!! Link is from this site.

And it’s my third night in a row of dreaming of food when i’m asleep! i’m so hungry again!

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