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Got this off the Bat-blog. Apparently this guy got all these tattoos done at a tattoo convention by different artists all in a day! This is amazing really. And they are from the comics. Poison Ivy’s lips and the Riddler are from Hush, the black and white comic strips are from Black and White volume 1, Heath Ledger from The Dark Knight, and a classic look of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl from The Killing Joke, Harley Quinn from this comic that is dedicated to her personally but i can’t remember the name of that comic =x

Can you believe it?? These works are AMAZING. Especially Barbara Gordon as Batgirl and Poison Ivy’s Lips! So true to the comics!

I also randomly googled ‘Batman and Zombie’ and the only few things i found were Solomon Grundy.

And that is the closest we got to an episode in Batman that is related to zombies. Like whaaaaaaaaaat?? Even Marvel has their own mashed up zombie versions.

Ever since Left 4 Dead came out everything is about zombies. But one thing you people don’t understand is how much i love zombies even BEFORE that game came out! And when Left 4 Dead came out i remember Gabriel telling me i would LOOOVE that game. True enough, I kick ass in that game now, MUAHAHAHAHAHA.

Speaking of which, my classmates are going to play later but i have to clean the house. =( Priorities!

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